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Interface ComponentData

Used by SfDynamicComponentLoader to get necessary data for dynamic component instantiation.




Optional afterComponentInit

afterComponentInit: function

This callback gets executed right after the component has been instantiated by the SfDynamicComponentLoader. It is useful for setting any properties keeping the strongly typed references to them.

Type declaration

    • (component: any): void
    • Parameters

      • component: any

      Returns void

Optional properties

properties: object

This property should be used to pass a collection of key/value pair property values for the component type that is being instantiated dynamically. It should be used only in cases where the afterComponentInit callback cannot be used as it will not keep the strongly typed references to these properties.

Type declaration

  • [property: string]: Object

Optional removePreviousView

removePreviousView: boolean


type: Type<any>

The type that is going to be instatiated dynamically.

Optional updatePropertiesOnChange

updatePropertiesOnChange: boolean

This sets whether a component of the same type with different data should be initialized again when a ned ComponentData is passed. Use case for leaving this comment: Scheduling a notification via notificationService while another one is already visible.

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